Our Strategy:

Wellspring of a Proven
Monetization Strategy

Walker Innovation intends to continue its proven, multi-pronged monetization strategy to derive value from its intellectual property. Learn more

1. Commercialization

Walker Innovation independently commercializes its inventions through the creation of new operating businesses.

Jay and Walker Digital have commercialized their inventions through operating companies before – most notably priceline.com and Synapse Group – which collectively served tens of millions of consumers, generated billions in revenue and market value, and created thousands of new jobs.

2. Partnership

Walker Digital formed a number of strategic partnerships with companies to operationalize and commercialize its innovations. Since 2006, these efforts generated in excess of $100 million in revenues and third party investments. In certain cases, it may be determined that a third party would be more capable of and deliver greater value by taking the operational lead and bringing its inventive solutions to the marketplace.

3. Enforcement

The company has invested 20 years and tens of millions of dollars in developing its intellectual property, much of which was granted patent protection. These patents are owned by Walker Innovation, and the Company will enforce its intellectual property rights through litigation and licensing activities, where appropriate. Since April 2011, Walker Innovation has filed 42 patent infringement lawsuits against 187 defendants involving 47 patents. To date, these efforts have resulted in over $65 million in settlement income and patent sales proceeds. As of March 1, 2014, 19 litigation matters remain pending in U.S. District Court in Delaware. The Company will continue to enforce other patents in its portfolio.