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Jonathan Ellenthal Formerly Vice Chairman

Jonathan Ellenthal served as the Company’s Vice Chairman until September 20, 2018. He was the Company’s Chief Executive Officer from late 2013 to February 2017. From 2008 until 2013, Jonathan served as the Chief Executive Officer of Walker Digital Management, LLC, with responsibility for all business operation, research and development, and IP portfolio licensing. He also oversaw finance, legal and administration. Jonathan currently serves as a Director for many of Walker Digital’s subsidiaries and collaborates with Jay Walker on all new business designs a well as the strategic direction of Walker Digital.

Jonathan has 25 years’ experience building and leading early-stage companies with transformational business concepts to positions of industry leadership, enabling them to serve large-scale customer bases. He understands the game-changing potential of innovation but also knows how fragile innovation can be without high-quality execution to create value.

Prior to joining Walker Digital, Jonathan was the CEO of Synapse Group, Inc., as a direct marketing subsidiary of Time Inc. responsible for more than 30 million customers and 2 billion pieces of consumer promotion every year. In 10 years, Synapse grew from an idea with seed capital to an industry leader with an exit valuation of more than $500 million. Jonathan served in a variety of senior leadership roles at Synapse before becoming CEO.

Earlier in his career, Jonathan spent 5 years as the Executive Vice President of Cooperative Marketing Concepts, a sales and marketing firm responsible for bringing FedEx into the direct-to-consumer residential package delivery market.

Jonathan is also the President of TEDMED, LLC, which runs an annual innovation summit for health and medicine. TEDMED brings together leading thinkers from the many fields of technology, medicine and business to exchange ideas and work on difficult medical problems.

Jonathan is a member of the Board of Managers of The Upside Commerce Group, LLC, a business travel company founded by Jay Walker in 2015.

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